Hair care for swimmers

August 28, 2015


Since we started to teach swimming, we’ve been going to the swimming pool 3 or sometimes 4 times in a week.


At first, I had little concern about my body and hair being exposed to chlorine and other pollutants in the swimming pool.


It was after I listened to an interview about “natural” shampoo that were not really made from natural ingredients that made me look at what I’ve been doing to both my body and hair.


What I got from the interview is that whatever that we put in and on our body that are not of natural ingredients can have detrimental effects on our organs, our health and overall well being.


That got me to scrutinize the so call natural products in the market from food, drinks, cosmetics, etc.


I no longer trust products that say it’s natural or organic when I see the ingredients are just a bunch of chemicals that are synthesized in laboratories.


One can argue if there is really such a thing as 100% natural or organic in this world.


So I started thinking and made the decision to use products that won’t harm my body and hair.


A few days later, to cut the story short, I found a shampoo that helps to remove buildup of nicotine, chlorine and other pollutants.


Especially to remove chlorine from my hair after swimming.


I was sold and I was more than willing to give it a try.


I bought a bottle and been using it for the past 2 weeks.


The previous shampoos and conditioners that I’ve used so far left my hair brittle after using them after my swim.


Every time I use this new shampoo, my hair is soft and is not brittle at all even though I don’t use any conditioner with it.


If you consistently visit the swimming pool either to swim or play in the pool, I highly recommend for you get to this shampoo to wash off the chlorine and any other pollutants from your hair. It’s also suitable for anyone of all ages and hair types.


Unfortunately this shampoo isn’t sold in Brunei. I was very lucky that I was able to get my hands on it through a couple who brought it into Brunei.


If you would like to get this shampoo, send us a private message on our facebook page, if you’re one of our students then email us and if the shampoo is still in stock, I will let you know.


Hayatti Rahgeni
The Effortless Swim Team



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