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Personal One-On-One Mentoring


Rudierwan - Business Analyst

"I had zero knowledge before learning from Effortless Swim.

After taking up personal one-on-one sessions, I can swim with confident especially in deep water.

The other benefits that I got from completing the sessions is that now I have added swimming as my hobby and I can also aim to do triathlon.
I recommend Effortless Swim because I can learn to swim in four session. Instructor can teach and adapt the skill to what I'm capable of. 

Love Bobby! 😁😊 He's easy to talk with and negotiable and understanding 😁"



"To be honest, I guess I never really see the point of taking swimming lessons and it was never my priority. And ofcourse, part of this was because I thought my swimming skills was just not too bad.
Much to say, I decided to take the swimming lessons to help me in my diving and to learn how to tread water vertically -- for survival purposes. I was fairly confident that I could somehow find my way to float by the will to live if I were ever to sink or about to drown in deepwater.

After taking up the class, I found out that I actually sucked at swimming. (Surprise, surprise) And I knew that because I felt a zillion times (exhaustively) tired when swimming just halfway through the swimming pool (..and it was not even 25metres). So right then I knew, all this while, I have swam incorrectly.
I have concluded then during my first class that swimming with the right technique were actually pretty hard. But once you get to know your rhythm in swimming, it's rather satisfying.
When you learnt the right way to swim, you won't exhaust yourself as much and you tend to enjoy more. And at the end of the day you will have more energy to party all night long (kidding).

I would recommend everyone to atleast learn how to swim. Cause I believe swimming is essential and a survival skill that you need to have. But not only just that, you need to know too on how to swim effortlessly. Cause it'll help you to swim longer and tirelessly.
I would definitely recommend everyone to take the beginner class and take it a step at a time."

Hasrul ono.jpg

Hasrul - Assistant Instructor

"Before Effortless Swim, I was a weak swimmer, didn't know about swim technique and I had difficulty with breathing.

With Effortless Swim, I find that swimming is easy. My confidence level has increased to 100%. Its not so hard as we think at first.

The other benefits that I got is facing my fear especially in deep pool. However, Once I swam in it, I was totally satisfied with how it went.

I have 100% respect to the instructor. He is very patient and humble."


Fameedah - Numeracy Coach

"Before taking a class with Effortless Swim, I could swim for a few strokes in shallow water.

After learning with Effortless Swim, I am now able to swim in water that is beyond my depth. Something that I did not think possible. I was afraid to swim in shallow water and now I can swim in deep water which is still unbelievable!

I can now tread water - a skill that I had never tried, and I look forward to my weekly swim. I find I can relax more in the water and look forward to improving my stroke further.

I would definitely recommend effortless swimming lessons to those who are determined to learn. If you are willing, then they are the best I've come across.

I found the instructor was very clear and honest about her expectations and her method of teaching really suited and so I was able to make massive progress within just a few lessons.

This has been my greatest achievement to date, and I put it down to the guidance of my teacher! Thank you Hayatti."

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