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Unfog Your Goggles For Best Learning Experience

You’re excited to attend class. You bought yourself a rather decent swimming goggles. You wore it to class on your first lesson and it was great! You’re fired up to want to learn more and ready for the next class.

You came for the second lesson and you started to notice that your goggles fogged up a little bit. But you managed to stay focus and didn’t let your fogged up goggles distract you from learning.

However, on your third lesson, your goggles fogged up real fast and you had to take it off countless times and rinsed it with pool water. As a result, you’re learning wasn’t smooth as you were distracted rinsing your fogged up goggles but the fogginess didn’t go away.

I see this too often with my students.

They get distracted when they are dealing with their fogged up goggles while in the middle of their learning.

Students who are distracted are wasting precious minutes and seconds in the class when they could have use that time to learn and practice.

So how can you NOT BE DISTRACTED by a fogged up goggles?

The solution is to use an anti-fog solution.

The one that we personally use is shown in the picture on the right.

You can get it from Hua Ho Kiulap and it costs $16.50 per bottle at the time I write this post. And no I don’t earn any commission from Hua Ho by promoting this item.

How do we use it?

After we’re done with our swimming and teaching, we apply the solution to the outer and inner lens of the goggles and leave it overnight. We found that by leaving it overnight without rinsing it give time for the solution to work. When we use our goggles the next day, they are clear and the clarity does last long without fogging up for more than an hour.

Do we recommend this anti-fog solution?

Yes, we do, especially for students who are taking up swimming seriously, i.e. at least once a week.

In our experience, swimming without any foggy distractions is the best way to practice your swim and improve your skills.

If you wish, get one for yourself and if you applied the solution properly, you can tell the difference when you wear your goggles to your next swim.

Are you interested to learn to swim? Click here for more information about our beginner classes.

Hayatti Rahgeni The Effortless Swim Team.

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