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Effortless Swim Students at TriUltra 57.5

We had the pleasure of participating in TriUltra 575 Swim Bike Run on the 15th January 2017. The swim bike run distance was 1.5km, 46km and 9km respectively.

Us and our students who swam 1.5km in the open water

One of our teams, Rudi (left-cyclist), Zul (middle-runner) with Robert (right) as swimmer

One of our teams with Zaini (left-cyclist), Sabreena (middle) as swimmer and Irshad (right-runner)

Effortless Swim male instructor, Bobby (left) with both of our students, Glenn (middle) and Ame (right) who swam, biked and ran.

Last picture before all Effortless Swim swimmers head into the ocean

Taking picture after all of us were done with our 1.5km openwater swim

Swimmers and runners took picture while runners were waiting for their turn

Wani, Irshad and Zul, runners whom we recently met and happy to have as part of our teams

Sabreena (swimmer) and Zaini (cyclist) in one of our teams

One of our teams, Yusni (left-cyclist) with me (middle) as swimmer and Wani (right-runner)

Final picture taken before we headed home

We are so proud to have produce students who are able to swim in the open water. With the exception of Robert (as this is his second), the other three students, Ame, Glenn and Sabreena, it was their first time participating in swimming in the open water event.

All swimmers were able to complete their 1.5km swim in under an hour.

If you are inspired to add swimming to your repertoire, to do pool swimming or openwater swimming for a triathlon, then click here for more info.

Hayatti Rahgeni The Effortless Swim Team

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