Swimmo, it’s MORE THAN tracking your swim

We wrote an article in 2016 about counting your laps while swimming in a pool.

This post is more of my personal review of the new smart swim watch called Swimmo which we had recently received.

We had been waiting for more than a year and imagined our excitement to give this new watch a try in swimming pool.

When we unwarped the box, the instruction manual informed us to charge our Swimmo watches to wake them up.

Finally it’s awake!

The screen isn’t a touch screen per se, it is more of a tap screen, so it has to be tapped a bit hard to enter a selection. the selections are done by flicking the wrist outward or inward.

We checked out the smart watch and here are a few settings that it has.

Start Swimming Mode

Track Pulse Mode

Adjust Swimmo Mode

This is mode to choose when I want to connect the watch to the Swimmo App in my phone.

Turn Off Mode

When I tap onto the Start Swimming Mode on the watch, there are several workouts that I can choose from.

There are Distance Tracking, Calorie Tracking, Pulse Tracking, Pace Tracking and Time Tracking.

Distance Tracking Mode

Other Tracking Mode

To check my pulse, I tap Track Pulse on the watch.

It will first appears like below.

And give it a few seconds and it shows my pulse.

To connect the watch to my phone, I first downloaded the Swimmo App.

Swimmo App

When I open the App, the app will want to turn on bluetooth. Once bluetooth is on, the App will search for the watch as shown below.

After the App found the watch then it will sync with it. note: the syncing process can be very long. And I think if there are more than 1 swimmo device in the vicinity then it takes longer.

Then, the App can be used after syncing is complete.

Personal goals can be added to the New Workout below.

New Workout Tab

History Tab

Achievement Tab

Settings Tab

In the settings –> troubleshooting, there is an update option, to update the firmware on the watch. when I clicked on it, it took several minutes the watch is unresponsive, but I noticed the green light from the heart sensor was blinking. I guess that means the update is working.

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to test out the Swimmo watch.

Here is the data retrieved from the Swimmo watch.

Below is the workout details that aren’t seen on the previous 4 screenshots.

The cool thing about this Swimmo watch is that it tracks my pulse for every lap except during the first 3 laps. Not sure why that is. It could because the pulse tracking delays and took some time to track.

Here are my personal reviews of the Swimmo App and watch.


Tracks pulse without using the traditional heart rate monitor strap.

Now this is a feature that I absolutely love! Tracking my pulse while swimming is so freaking cool! And it can be done on my very own wrist. I just need to make sure that the watch is tight enough on my wrist.

Personal goals can be added to the Swimmo App.

I personally feel this can help swimmer to focus on achieving their goals weather it’s distance, time, speed, etc. The same can be said for the several workout modes on the Swimmo App.

Saves battery since Swimmo watch can be turned off.

It will remain off if I don’t move my wrist or if I keep it somewhere where there is no movement. And if I want to wake it up, I just move my wrist or tap the watch.

Detailed workout data.

It’s amazing to see how much data that the watch can capture during a workout. The one that impresses me is the one where it tracks every single lap.


Searching and syncing takes its sweet time.

I personally feel it can be such a pain in the ass for the Swimmo App to search and sync with the watch.