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Am I GUARANTEED to be able to swim after 4 sessions?

Now this is a question that hasn’t come up for quite some time and someone just asked today.

My first reaction to this question is No!

NOTHING IS GUARANTEED in life. Only death.

And IT IS NOT GUARANTEED that you’ll be able to swim with just 4 sessions especially when you take our classes.

What we can say is that there is a possibility that you will be able to swim within 4 sessions and even less.

The possibility is there.

It’s just up to you whether you want it to be your possibility.

Then what’s the purpose of having us to teach?

We teach because we believe that everyone can swim, if they choose to.

We acknowledge that not a lot of people are self-taught when it comes to learning how to swim. This is where we come in. We've got the skills and we have the teaching skills to teach those swimming skills.

We ask only to be compensated in terms of cash in exchange with our time to teach. We are responsible to show, teach and guide students how to swim.

The students’ responsibilities are to follow our instructions, to overcome their fear and to stop listening to excuses and the voice inside their head that says they can’t do it.

Most of our students who are willing to get past their fear are able to swim within 4 sessions and less. They’re willing to do the necessary “work” for them to get there.

When students are paralyzed with their fear, we do what we can. But if they choose to be paralyzed, no amount of sweet talk can help them.

As instructors we do the best that we can so our students can swim within that 4 sessions or less. We do feel a sense of achievement when we see our students are able to swim in the deep water and also crossing the 50 meter pool.

Here’s the secret on how our students are able to swim.

The students persevere, despite being panicky, or having fears of drowning and dying, and yet they are committed for themselves to be able to swim in that short amount of time. They themselves chose to be able to swim and with the “work” that they did with us, they were able to.

They were the ones who guaranteed themselves that they can swim. Not us. We are there to show, teach and guide. The rest is to be done by the students themselves. In the words of Morpheus, we can only show you the door, it is upto you to walk through it. We can only teach you the techniques, but it is upto you to practice them.

We tell students to move in a certain way. And it is the students themselves that have to move their own body in that certain way. We tell students to relax with their breathing. And it is the students themselves that have to work synchronizing their hands and their breathing.

That’s how our students are able to swim within that 4 sessions and or less.

We give a lot of feedback to our students for them to improve their swim and if students don’t take them in, then they might stay where they are and their swimming is unlikely to be improved.

Swimming isn’t like riding a bicycle. You ride a bike once or twice and you forget about it for years and you can pick up where you’ve left off. Swimming doesn’t work like that especially when you learn it in just 4 sessions. It takes an enormous of time and effort to get and be good at it. And to be a good swimmer takes a whole lot of practice and your own personal commitment to be the best at it.

If you are curious whether or not our classes is for you, you can read this article so you have an insight of our female instructor.

Hayatti Rahgeni The Effortless Swim Team

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