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Ladies Only – Swimming during your period

I’ve got a few students who asked me how do I swim in the swimming pool while having my period.

To me, it’s obvious. I use tampons.

But apparently to some, it’s not that obvious.

I was first exposed to tampons during my A level education. I used it occasionally and at that time I preferred using tampons over pads. The tampons that I used during those times came with applicators.

Since I started teaching swimming back in late 2014, I started to wear tampons again whenever I was having my period and I had a swim class to teach.

I figured that if I postponed my class when I have my period then I wouldn’t have consistent monthly schedule.

Unfortunately the tampons that I used before are no longer available in Brunei. Not sure why that is.

The only brand of tampons that I see that is available is o.b. This is the brand that I’m currently using.

The two things that I dislike about the shop that sells this brand is that they don’t sell them in small packages/quantities and those that are available limited absorbency. Yes, tampons are a lot like pads with the exception, a tampon is inserted into a woman’s body.

To find out the best 10 tampons, click this link.

If you have no idea what tampons are and how to use one, check this link for additional info.

After reading this post, DO NOT take what I’m sharing here as my advice. This post is meant for sharing information about tampons only.

Regardless if you are married or not, use tampons at your own discretion.

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Hayatti Rahgeni The Effortless Swim Team

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